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Order your 2016-2017 PWS Yearbook

Students of Park West:  you asked….we listened.    To date this year Yearbook sales are down.  Because of the substantial effort required to create a yearbook, we were going to cancel this year’s publication.  When we mentioned this to the students they spoke up.  Students of Park West you asked us to continue the work of the yearbook.  You said it was important and valuable to all of you.  Therefore, we have decided to continue the production of this year’s Yearbook.  However, we need to sell copies.  Only one book helps you capture this year’s incredible events and experiences at Park West School....and that is your 2016-2017 Yearbook.   Remember all the friends, trends, fashion, fun, favourite teachers and classes, music, art, teams, clubs, events, and everything in between.  Our professionally produced full-colour Yearbook includes all students and all grade levels (primary to nine).  Preserve your child’s memories for the 2016-2017 school year at Park West by purchasing a Yearbook for only $30.  They will be sold until June 10th.

You can order online at: 

Order your Yearbook soon.  Only a limited quantity will be produced, so place your order now before it's too late.