Park West School

NSSAF Celebration of School Sport

Each year the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) stages its Celebration of School Sport Luncheon , and invites member schools to honour a female and male student athlete for exemplary participation.  The following criteria are used to determine what school athletes will be chosen for this honour: 

  • demonstration of commitment to fair play

  • respect for opponents and officials

  • support of team and coach(es)

  • understanding that winning is not everything

  • graciousness in both victory and defeat

On May 5 two Park West students attended the 2017 Celebration, accompanied by teacher-coach Mr. Jude d'Entremont and grade 9 teacher Ms. Riddell.  Congratulations to grade 9 students Audrey McIntosh and James Cameron-Hamilton.  We're proud of you.