Park West School

Special Joint SAC / PTA Meeting

A special joint meeting of our SAC (School Advisory Council) and PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) will be held here at Park West School on Wednesday, February 21, at 6:00 PM in the school cafetorium.

Last fall the Nova Scotia Government commissioned Dr. Avis Glaze to review, report, and make recommendations regarding the education administrative model currently utilized to operate the schools in our province.    

Dr. Glaze publicly presented her report (titled Raise the Bar:  A Coherent and Responsive Education Administrative System for Nova Scotia) last week; which includes 22 recommendations for change. These recommendation will have a significant impact on the education system of Nova Scotia.  The Government responded to her report, and has identified 11 of the recommendations for immediate implementation.  These include elimination of most elected school boards.  The stated intent of the provincial government in making these changes is to ensure our school system focuses on student learning and achievement. 

The purpose of this special joint meeting is to review and discuss the report (with a focus on the recommendations), and to conduct a question & answer session.

All members of the Park West School Community are invited to attend.

The meeting will be hosted by Mr. Craig Poirier (PTA Chair), Ms. Karen Saweczko (SAC Chair), and Mr. Carter (PWS principal).