Park West School

Farewell Grade 9's

At the end of this school year our grade nine students will be leaving us for high school.  At Park West we will be marking this milestone in a meaningful and celebratory way. 

A GRADE 9 FAREWELL CELEBRATION is being planned by Mr. Beattie (thanks Mr. Beattie) for our departing students for the evening of June 26.  Students will meet at the school and be transported downtown for dinner and a harbour cruise (with dancing).  Tickets go on sale soon.  This event is only open to grade nine students attending Park West School. 

A GRADE 9 CLOSING CEREMONY will be held on June 27 at 12:45 PM in the gym.  This is an informal event, not a graduation.  Students and their families are invited to attend.  A reception will follow. 

These events are generously supported with funds from student fees and our PTA.